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From my window in Chicago, 2010

Listening to: “Set Fire to the Third Bar” by Snow Patrol

For those of you who are following me from my old outdated writer’s blog, let me welcome you back. For those of you who are picking up on the blog as it opens a new chapter, welcome.

It’s always kind of awkward opening a blog. I can’t pretend we’re friends, because we are yet to be friends. But I don’t want to do the whole “My name is Jenni and I’m a writer” schpliel. So we’ll pretend that we’re acquaintances and we’re picking up in the middle of a conversation during half time at a Super Bowl party.

“So Jenni,” you say. “Last I heard, you were living in Chicago and you had a book published.”

“Why yes,” I say. “Messiah of Howard Street was just published and stuff.”

Except the “and stuff” was probably something much wittier.

“So what’s been happening since we last heard from you?”

“I’m a teacher,” I say. “And I just got a steampunk story picked up for publication.”

“Oh well that’s pretty exciting!” you say.

“Yes,” I say. “You can read all about it by clicking on this link:”

“What link?” you ask.

“Never mind,” I say.

“Are you holding up a notecard that says ‘’ in blue marker?”

“No,” I say.

It is apparent I’m lying. But we continue with the conversation.

“What about that book that you’ve been working on for a while?” you ask. “An American Exodus.” 

“Actually, I’m getting it ready to send out to agents,” I say.

“Agents, huh? That’s fun.”

“I hope. God,” I take a bit fistful of nachos and dip them simeltaneously into the ranch. I stuff it into my mouth so we don’t have to continue talking about the fine art of query lettering.

“Are you okay?” you ask.

“Mffph,” I nod.

You decide to overlook the ranch drooling down my chin. “… So what are you doing this next week that you have off?”

“Editing manuscripts,” I say. “And writing. Writing a lot. My fiance and I are writing a YA Steampunk series. And I’m also working on edits for the Shakespeare story.”

“Exciting! I didn’t know you were engaged!”

“Actually, you did,” I say, pointing to the dude sitting next to me. “This is Jeff. He’s co-authoring the series.”

“Yeah, we like … spent half an hour talking about the Chiefs in the kitchen,” Jeff says.

You are embarrassed.

“Well, anyway,” I say. “The game’s back on.”

Welcome to my blog.


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